helenHi! I’m Helen and I’m a freelance blogger, writer, project coordinator, and communications manager, working in fitness and lifestyle.

An award-winning running blogger at Helsbels, I’m passionate about moving and enjoying life and all the adventures it throws at us. This combined with my love for general blog geekery, social media, writing and talking, has led to me working with a clients on a freelance basis, helping them to develop communication strategies and utalise social media. I also dabble in content writing and freelance blogging.

I love blogging and social media; it’s completely changed marketing and it’s exciting watching new developments. I also keep up to date with changes in legislation and guide clients towards best practice. Last year I set up the UK Fitness Bloggers network and with 420+ members and growing, it’s fair to say that it’s the UK’s leading blogging network specialising in fitness.

On a personal note, I run a lot, love vintage clothing, enjoy food and cooking, and I’m a former international tenpin bowler. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to combine my love of blogging with my interests.

Contact me for a chat, to say hello, arrange a coffee, or to see if we can work together.

Who I work with

These are clients I work closely for:


British Tenpin Bowling Association

These are people I work closely with:

Karen Costello

Glynn Quelch

Other clients I have done work with:

Vitality Health